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Face to Face 1

Face to Face 1

Face-to-Face: Blind Date is a collaboration between Independent Biennial (SI) and Endless Editions (USA). It is the result of a mediated art workshop spanning four days in early November, 2015. During this workshop, 9 artists were selected by both organizations and were prompted to create two unique artworks each day with one artist working on the opposite continent. The workshop, and in some cases the artworks themselves were produced via communication platforms such as Skype, Facebook and Instagram.


The book is a product of artistic collaborations between the following artists: Neja Tomšič, Primož Zorko, Dorijan Šiško, Vuk Čuk, Leon Zuodar, Laura Blüer, Slavko Djuric,Lesley Wamsley,Effi Ibok.

Apart from the book devised during the workshop additional publications produced by Endless Editions will be exhibited in MGLC.