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Virtual face-to-face

Virtual exchange platform and cross-cultural creative jamming

The virtual creative sharing Face-To-Face event is a unique online event where visitors can dive directly into the two separate creative scenes. The concept is based on organizing a virtual platform where handpicked creatives from participating countries can share knowledge and a workshop experience in real time in virtual space. The concept is to pair individuals into multidisciplinary teams and have them collaborate on ideas via creative jam sessions. Involved teams gain new knowledge and ideas through cross-discipline and cross-cultural creative exchange and also expanding their professional network.

Face-To-Face cross-cultural creative jamming connects individuals from the fields of design, art, IT and other fields from different cities, to work on multidisciplinary and multicultural teams via physical interactions, idea exchange and online team cross-linking. The result of the Jamming is a creative visual work that reflects the mutual interests and aesthetics of the teams from both sides, both cultures.

Virtual Face-To-Face Open Exchange gives visitors a unique and direct opportunity to speak, share and exchange opinions and knowledge with individuals from the various creative fields of architecture, fashion, art and design, studio management, PR and cultural management in different countries. The goal is to create an opportunity for the matching of individuals from different countries to work in the same field and thus create opportunities for long-term friendships and collaborations.

Virtual face-to-face events together with NYC Endless Editions resulted in several exhibitions and artist book productions while artists from different countries met and collaborated remotely.